How Joe McPherson became Korean food “expert” (Korea Times)

  • Interviewed celebrates its 10th anniversary


Joe McPherson is now an influential figure in Korea’s food and restaurant scene, thanks to the success of his blog, ZenKimchi. (Courtesy of ZenKimchi)

By Kim Young-jin

American blogger Joe McPherson started his site ZenKimchi a decade ago to keep relatives in the United States up to date on his life in Korea.

He had no inkling of the ride it would take him on.

The popular site ( recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, confirming its status as a mainstay of Korea’s rapidly evolving culinary scene.

In step with the cuisine’s growing popularity abroad, the blog has evolved into a public relations firm, ZenKimchi International. He’s appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and CNN, and rubbed elbows with famous foodies such as French chef and television personality Eric Ripert.

“I’m living the dream,” said McPherson, 39, reflecting on the 10-year milestone. “I’ve figured out a way to combine my love of food, writing, technology and history.